Our Team

James Roy

Specialist Engineer

As the owner of the business, James has created a company that cares for the customer at all costs. Both in the Domestic and Commercial areas, James has extensive knowledge of both and continues to strive for his team to learn by his lead.

Aaron Di-Rosa

Lead Engineer

Aaron prides himself on customer care and the vast knowledge of the industry. An experienced engineer, Aaron has a multitude of skills over the years.

James Morgan

Plumbing & Heating Engineer

James is a key part of the team and has extensive knowledge that he always brings to his work, whatever the task.

Josh Kavanagh

Plumbing & Heating Improver

Josh is a valued member of the team and is learning day to day to increase his knowledge of the industry.

Jack Gregory

Plumbing & Heating Improver

Jack has joined the team and is quickly becoming a vital cog in the JMR wheel. His enthusiasm for work and striving to be the best is infectious.


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